#39 Charles Fry: Planting Seeds & Growing Startups in Honduras

Episode 38 June 09, 2022 01:17:48
#39 Charles Fry: Planting Seeds & Growing Startups in Honduras
#39 Charles Fry: Planting Seeds & Growing Startups in Honduras

Jun 09 2022 | 01:17:48


Show Notes

Charles Fry is a technology entrepreneur and investor who has launched and grown successful companies in e-commerce, logistics, and IT  services. He focuses on the human element of management and leadership to create opportunity and ‘build something great from nothing.' 

Charles' experience enables him to guide clients toward creating digital products that are attractive to investors and customers. He is dedicated  to making the world a better place through business and is most often found in the company’s innovation centers in Austin, Texas, Ann Arbor,  Michigan, and San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

You can reach him by email, his email is [email protected]


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